Why is My Espresso Machine Not Working? 

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If you are a coffee lover, you must be familiar with the term espresso machine that makes espresso coffee thick and concentrated. The machine pressurized the water with a filter and grounded coffee near the boiling point to make this coffee. But, sometimes you may ask yourself why is my espresso machine not working because of technical problems.

To find out the answer, you have to identify the symptoms and problems of the espresso machine. Here we will try to find out the basic problems of the espresso machines. The most common problems are pump clogging, boiler damage, steam wand clogging, sensation problem, and many more. This article pointed out some problems, and there are fixing problems for activating the machine again. Let’s roll then.

Why Is My Espresso Machine Not Working?

Earlier, we mention that several problems may arise while running the espresso machine. By reading this part, I hope you will get the answer to your question, which is, why is my espresso machine is not working?


Clogging Pump

The pump is the heart of an espresso machine. If your pump is not working properly, then you will not get the espresso coffee through the machine. As we know, the specialty of espresso coffee is it is thick and concentrated. But this mixture will be possible when the pump will create pressure on the grounded coffee and the water.

In the modern espresso machine, the pump uses the electromagnetic formula with the metal coil. You will find a piston in that place to help you create the pressure on the water. If any of the parts of this pump section stopped working or damaged, then your coffee machine will not be working properly.

Boiler Damage

To get a hot and amazing coffee, you just need warm water on the machine. But, if the boiler part is somehow damaged or stops working, then your favorite coffee will turn into the worst coffee.  So, you should check the boiler part of your espresso machine is not working. Works of the boiler part are to keep the water warm and hold the pressure of the water.

Previously in the espresso machine, for heating purposes, there was the wood fire. But for now, there is an electric heating system to keep the water warm. Also, there are three particular sizes of the boiler machine. If your espresso machine is not getting a perfect size or some boiler machine system is not working, then your machine will also stop working.

Temperature Control and Sensation

The espresso machine is useless if the temperature control section will not work properly.  If the section does not provide the 115° C temperature, you must repair this section.  The want will not produce hot water, and you will not get the hot coffee to drink. 

Another thing you need to check with the temperature compartment is the sensor. This sensor mainly sends the signal to the mainboard, and then it corrects the temperature. If the mainboard does not get the signal properly, it will not produce 115°C temperature.

Clogged Steam Wand

When you press the coffee machine, a steam wand makes your coffee tasty by enabling the steam. If the component is blocked due to steam or any other problems, it will not serve you the proper steam for making the coffee tasty. Besides, you will get the sore test of the coffee. 

So, you need to clean the compartment, and for that, you can use vinegar and a water mixer to clean the compartment. This mixture will easily remove any uncertain things from the stand or clear the wand area. 

Wrong Adjustments

Though the technician perfectly adjusts this machine, the machine’s wrong adjustments will not deliver the pot’s coffee. The valve section may be tight or loose, or the grinder section can be not fitted perfectly. 

If the grinder section does not adjust perfectly, then you will not get the coffee. Besides, if the coffee mixture continues for too long, it will give you the bitter test. So, wrong adjustments can also lead your machine to not working properly.

How to Fix the Espresso Machine Problems?

In the above part, you see the problem that causes or stops working the espresso machine. Now, you need to fix the problem. And to fix the problem, there are some simple and quick solutions you can follow.

  • Repair the clogged steam wand with vinegar and water mixture to smoothly get the steam.
  • Check the boiler compartment to fix it immediately to get a warm coffee with the perfect mixture.
  • Check the solenoid electric valve and repair it to smooth the water and steam area.
  • If there is a problem in the temperature section, you should fix it to get the minimum temperature of 115C.
  • You can send the espresso machine to the service center yearly to check out the problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions

By reading this section, you will get some answers that are randomly asked by the users about the espresso machine.

Are espresso machines hard to clean?

Yes, cleaning an espresso machine is not like a random bottle that you can clean. To clean the machine in an easy way you can use the vinegar. Also, Tupperware beneath the machine will help you to suction the water without any damage to the machine.

Can I use vinegar to clean my espresso machine?

Yes, for cleaning espresso machines, especially the clogged pump or blocked pipe you can use the vinegar. With an equal amount of vinegar with a water mixture, you will be able to clean your espresso machine. 

How long does an espresso machine last?

Based on the use and proper care your espresso machine can last for almost 5 to 10 years. Though sustaining an electric machine is pure luck, it can stop giving you service after 1 or 2years later. But generally, you will get almost 10 years of guarantee at best 

How often should I service my espresso machine?

To get a smooth service, it will be better if you service the machine every 1 year. This way your machine will be fully checked by the technician and you will not face any problem either.

Final Thought

There is no doubt a cup of coffee can make your day. Especially during office hours, it will give you more energy to take a cup of coffee from an espresso machine. But if there is a problem with the machine and you are looking for the answer why is my espresso machine not working? Then you must look for the problem and find out the solution.

An espresso machine has so many parts, so that the problem can be anywhere. Find out the problems, and quickly solve it to get delicious coffee and start your day like a pro. As the mechanism of the espresso machine is critical, you need to handle the problem very carefully.

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