Why Are Espresso Machines So Expensive 2021?

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Who doesn’t have a craving for an espresso coffee? And there is no way denying that some people don’t want to start their day without having an espresso first. But an espresso machine is expensive to buy, and they don’t afford to buy it. So they have to rely on the coffee shop to have a delicious espresso coffee, which is so irritating and frustrating sometimes as they have to wait for a long time. 

People often think- Why are these machines so expensive?  Are you one of them? In this article, we will tell you why espresso machines are so expensive and many more things. So keep reading for more information!

What Can You Do With an Espresso Machine?

You may think an espresso machine is just one machine, but the opportunity it brings with it is countless. Thus the question may hit you- what can you do with an espresso machine? The answer will amaze you as the answer is- you can make various types of coffee with an espresso machine.


An espresso machine will give you the ability to make more than just espresso as various coffee drinks can be made with it. Because who wants the same thing every single day? When you choose an espresso machine, it allows you to experiment with various drinks types. Here are some types of coffee you can make with it-

  • Macchiato
  • Espresso
  • Doppio or Double Espresso Shot
  • Latte
  • Cortado
  • Cappuccino
  • Ristretto
  • Americano

But after reading that espresso machines are so expensive to buy, you may think it is worth buying or not. So here some of the benefits you can get from an espresso machine-

  • If you are heading for a cup of coffee in a coffee shop each day, it can cost you huge in the long run or a year. If you buy an espresso machine, this cost will be much less compared to that.
  • You can have different taste options with an espresso machine and add flavors to it as your wish.
  • Waiting in line for a cup of coffee can be irritating as sometimes you have to wait for a long time. And above all, you can’t go outside in the rough weather conditions. An espresso machine at home will save your time, energy, and avoid other inconvenience and instantly get your coffee at home.
  • It also makes your life easier and better as you can have a cup of coffee whenever you want it.
  • An espresso machine will give your home a touch of elegance and class and, thus, increase your upscale ambiance. And offering friends or guests a delicious beverage like espresso makes you more beautiful and amazing.
  • Finally, if you are a coffee shop owner, then there is no chance you can get away without an espresso machine. It is a must-have machine for you. As without it, you cannot satisfy your coffee lover customer.

What Features of Espresso Machines That Affect the Price

Features are critical and add value to a machine. It also affects the price of the machine. An espresso machine is no different from that. The features of espresso machines that affect and influence the price of these machines significantly are given below-


Good espresso machines are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, metal, and brass to ensure stable cooking temperatures, and these material costs are high. And this high cost affects the price of these machines.

But manufacturers often use lower-cost materials in interior parts and frames to reduce the cost of the machine. These materials will not affect the espresso’s quality, but the durability problem of the machine can arise because of poor framing.

Digital display

The digital display feature has simplified and makes espresso machines quite more comfortable, and the function of this feature is useful.

Pre-infusion delay, shot timers, equipment diagnostics, on/off programming, adjustment of water temperature, prompt filter placement, cleaning programs, etc. have made the feature useful, and this feature has excellent temperature stability. But it is made of high-quality materials and thus affects the price of the best espresso machines.

Brewing temperature adjustment

Adjustable brewing temperature features of espresso machines allow you to adjust and control the boiler’s temperature and come with a temperature regulator and a regulator.

It gives you control over the brewing temperature to avoid temperature fluctuations. But this feature affects the price as it provides more power over the espresso machine’s operating styles.

Temperature adjustment – separate groups

Temperature adjustment (individual groups) feature an advanced temperature control system and allows brewing coffee across individual groups.

With this feature, you can make multiple espressos and serve more than one coffee at once from one machine. This function has a distinctive design and is made of high-quality materials, and thus, this feature affects the price.

Constant pressure and profiling

Not many people are familiar with the constant pressure and profiling feature of espresso machines. This is an advanced feature and comes only with an expensive one.

This feature allows you to create your own pressure profiles. And the models of these machines that are equipped with this feature are expensive to buy.

Why Are Espresso Machines So Expensive?

If you want a simple and straightforward answer, then the answer is the feature it equipped and comes with makes the price of espresso machines expensive. The features are installed to ensure proper equipment, pressure, pumps, and espresso machine specifications. This feature helps to make quality and better espresso and enhance its taste.

But in lengthy answers, other factors make it expensive, such as research and development, brand name, etc. Research and development increase the espresso machine price because every product has gone through a lengthy research and development process. The brand name also raises the price because the higher the brand value, the higher it charges for the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I service my espresso machine?

An espresso machine’s service depends on its usage, maintenance like regular cleaning and careful use, and, more importantly, the quality of water entering the machine. But if it is not broken or running properly, then there is no need for servicing.

How much should I spend on an espresso machine?

You can spend a lot of money buying an espresso machine, but a higher price doesn’t ensure that it is the best machine. So it is recommended to do some research and choose the right one.

How long will an espresso machine last?

On average, an espresso machine lasts for 5 to 10 years, depending on its quality and brand. But with proper maintenance and use, an espresso machine will last for a longer time than that.

Are espresso machines hard to clean?

No, espresso machines may look like complex equipment, but they’re very easy and effortless to clean. Just make sure you clean it after each use regularly. And you can do it easily with the help of soap and water.

Final Thought

A good espresso machine is expensive as it comes with new technology features and fulfills user requirements. But it is worth buying as it has taken quality espresso to the next level.

These days, going out for a coffee cup is not a wise choice for you, and sometimes, it can be troublesome to leave your home and go to a coffee shop for a coffee. If you can afford to buy an espresso machine, you will be able to avoid these inconveniences. And without a coffee cup, if you cannot spend a day, it is the best option for you.

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