How To Use A Coffee Machine – 7 An Expert Explains

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People around the world consume over 2.25 billion cups of coffee each day, and that’s a lot. A cup of good coffee can start your day like a charm, keep you on the pace motivated at work. Making a cup of coffee that helps you start a day requires you to use the coffee machine properly. There are several types of coffee, and they all need different types of coffee machines as well.

Learning to know how to operate the machine properly is a life skill that I’m going to get you in detail. The test of the coffee mostly depends on how good you’re at making the coffee with your machine. Stick to the article to know how to use a coffee machine and get the best test from it.

how to use a coffee machine

Why Is It Important To Clean A Coffee Machine?

Cleaning a coffee machine is severely important if you don’t want to end up brewing a bad cup of coffee. Here are the main reasons why you must keep a coffee machine always clean:

Dirty machine ruins the taste of coffee

The fundamental prerequisite of getting the best test of the coffee is to make it with a clean machine. A dirty coffee machine is the most prominent reason for the bitter taste of the coffee. If you want to brew the cup with the best taste of it, there is no alternative to cleaning it regularly.

Keep it out of bacteria and mold

Inside a coffee machine, it’s the perfect environment for the bacteria and mold to grow. If you let the mold grow up inside your machine, it will come out with the coffee. That will eventually make the coffee taste strange, even might make you fall sick. Keeping it clean will keep you out of that and give you great taste from your coffee.

Protect the machine from being unusable

A coffee machine doesn’t come cheap, and it’s a hectic investment to make for sure. However, if you don’t clean your coffee machine after using it regularly, it may lessen the quality permanently. The internal mechanism of the machine might get corroded or damaged quickly.

How To Use A Coffee Machine: Step By Step Guide

If you have a coffee machine and you don’t know how to get the best out of it, I’ll help you settle the score. There are many types of coffee makers; I’ll cover the most common ones and how to use them properly. Follow these processes to know how to use a coffee machine and make the best cup of coffee:

How To Use An Electric Drip Coffee Maker

Most of the household coffee machines are regular drip coffee makers, here is how you use one for making coffee:

Add the coffee filter to the basket

Making a drip coffee starts with putting the filter inside the machine which filters the coffee before brewing. You can use generic bleached or natural filters, but it’s important to choose the best quality of the filter. A good coffee filter will ensure the best quality of the brewing. If you have the filter that came with the machine, use that instead of paper filters.

Measure and add the coffee in it

Adding the right amount of coffee powder is the key starting for a great cup of coffee. Depending on how many cups of coffee you want to make, you have to add in the coffee power accordingly. The basic standard for a regular 6-ounces coffee cup is two tablespoons of coffee powder. You can check out the manual that came with the coffee machine for a proper ratio for the machine. After putting in the coffee to the filter, close the lead and get to the next part.

Measure out and pour in the water

The amount of water depends on the amount of coffee you’ve added in the filter earlier. For the best result, you can have a measuring pot that will guide you how much water you’re putting in. For the temperature, The perfect ratio is to use 195° to 205° F, which is right below the boiling point. To make it perfectly hot, boil the water, remove it from heat and keep it that way for a minute to cool down.

Plugin and start making the coffee

After pouring the water in, you can plug the machine to the socket and hit the start button. Most of the coffee machines will come with their automatic brewing timer, some may come with manual too. Put the coffee jar under the brewing nozzle and wait for the coffee to drip inside. Once the coffee is fully brewed, you can turn the machine off and take the jar away to serve the coffee.

Take out the filter and clean it

Unplug the coffee machine, open up the lead of the coffee basket, and take the filter out from the machine. If it’s a paper filter, toss it away or clean it if it’s a reusable special filter that came with the machine. Now, you have to clean the coffee machine right away, unless you’re making coffee within a few moments again. Wash the removable parts and wipe down the machine with a soapy rag, then clean the warming plate. You may want to use vinegar to clean it thoroughly though. You can also get to know how to clean a coffee maker without vinegar, especially if it’s a complex one to open up.

How To Use An Espresso Machine

If you have an espresso machine to make your coffee, follow this fairly easy procedure to make espresso with it:

Put the coffee powder in the portafilter

Put in fine coffee powder on the portafilter and put in until the powder overflows. To measure the right amount of coffee, use your finger to go across the top to level the surface. Take the tamper and press it firmly inside the portafilter.

Attach the portafilter and make the coffee

Once prepared, you can attach the spigot handle to the espresso machine and start the machine. Put your coffee cup under the spigot. It will take about 10 seconds to start dripping the coffee out of the spigot. Once the coffee starts to become white, turn the machine off and remove the cup of coffee. Take the necessary amount of semi boiled water and mix it with the raw coffee you brewed.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are the most frequently asked questions about coffee machines that you might be interested in:

Can coffee machines make tea?

Yes, you can use a coffee machine to make tea, use loose tea instead of coffee powder for that.

Do coffee machines turn off automatically?

Most of the modern coffee machines have an automatic option to turn off on its own.

Can you make hot water in a coffee maker?

You can use the stovetop coffee makers to boil water alongside making coffee.

Final Thought

Coffee is the drink of freshness, and nothing can impress your guests more than a cup of fresh coffee. A cup of good coffee requires you to know how to operate a coffee maker properly to make the best out of the beans or powder.

With the step by step process above, I’m sure now you know how to use a coffee machine and make better coffee. However, never forget to get the ratios correct and don’t ever leave your coffee machine without cleaning it after making coffee.

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