How to Make Espresso with A Coffee Maker In 2021

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Most of the coffee lovers want to have an espresso machine for making the best delicious coffee. The potent brew of espresso can give the feel of super taste about anywhere, any time. Do you know how to make espresso with a coffee maker? NO worries. We’re here to demonstrate.

However, you may not have enough time or enough money to buy an espresso machine, or you plan to cut the cost of purchasing an espresso machine. No matter whatever the reason, we are here to help you to accomplish your job. It will not only cut your cost but also give the real taste of espresso like an espresso machine. After learning the process, you will keep away the topic from your head on buying any espresso machine.

how to make espresso with a coffee maker

Can I Make Espresso In A Regular Coffee Maker?

Though it is not easy to make espresso in a regular coffee maker, you can make it by strictly following some steps and tricks. To make the brew into espresso, you need to have the right amount of bold coffee. You need a decent amount of pressure to force water through fine grounds to attain this, and you also need to make sure that it appropriately grounded.

To make the best espresso in a regular coffee maker, you need to modify your brewing method. You can try to make it similar to French roast or city roast. Adjust the amount of water to make coffee, and it should be less than you usually would. You may decrease or increase the proportion based on your preference.

You need to grind the espresso without being too coarse because you may not get the original flavor as it is a bit weak. On the other hand, if you grind it too nicely, the brew will take more time and taste a bit bitter. So go for a medium or fine grind option which will be best for espresso. The filtered water you will use need to be warm enough to reach the correct temperature at the time of brewing. The final thing that you need to modify is the amount of time to the brew into espresso. Make sure to spend enough time to make the perfect espresso, but you need to also careful that coffee maker should not take too much time to brew else, it may lose the initial test of espresso.

How To Make Espresso With A Coffee Maker

It is better to have a good bean grinder that can roast the coffee beans fresh every time. If you can’t afford to buy a good bean grinder, then at least buy very fresh coffee beans. Before making espresso, you need to keep ready your coffee maker to brew an espresso cup correctly. You need to follow some steps to make espresso which is given below.

Step 1

Before planning to use the coffee maker, run a blank shot minimum 10-20 minutes while keeping the portafilter into the coffee maker. It will help you to heat your machine for properly brewing it. Make sure to remove the water in the reservoir before starting to brew your espresso.

Wait for a minimum time until the temperature reaches 90 and 96 degrees Celsius after pouring filtered water into the reservoir. Make sure to strictly follow temperature setting if you really want to enjoy the real taste of espresso flavours.

Step 2

After the heating process is done, you should wipe the portafilter properly to make it dry. Use a dry fabric cloth to wipe the portafilter completely. You can even mix some cleaners in dry cloth to make it entirely dry and clean.

 A single-shot espresso requires almost 7 grams of ground coffee beans and, for a double-shot espresso, you need to have 13-15 grams of coffee beans. To maintain the perfect color, taste, quality, and flavor of the coffee, you should follow the scale to dose the ideal quantities.

Step 3

Make sure to compact the espresso properly inside the portafilter. You need to pay attention to the tamping process firmly and pressure it close to 30 pounds while holding tamp handle properly. But do not apply any extra pressure because you may lose the authentic flavours of the coffee.

Step 4

Then, put the portafilter inside the brewing head of coffee maker so that it can mix the brewing head properly. It is better to run your machine’s brew head for a few minutes before starting to use it. It will help the machine to clean the previous brew that might be stored inside it.

Step 5

Now, you need to pull the espresso shot, which is considered as the most crucial process.  After placing the portafilter into the coffee maker, keep a bit hot cup in the specified slot in your machine, and then you can start the time slot.

Step 6

After waiting for a couple of seconds, you will see cubic and creamy espresso pouring into your cup. One important thing you need to remember that you should switch on coffee maker instantly after putting the portafilter with the tamped espresso in it. But make sure not to stay the filter for much time so that you will not have any bitterness taste.

Step 7

You need to wait for around 20 seconds for single-shots and 30 seconds for a double shot espresso. You will notice the single-shots is ready when it turned slightly blonde in color. Once the color changes to somewhat blonde, you should stop the shot.

You should instantly drink the espresso after making it. You can drink it directly or mixing it with other beverages like cappuccino, latte, etc. Clean the coffee maker properly after making the espresso.

Frequently Asked Question

You need to know everything before making your favorite espresso with coffee maker. It goes without saying that if you know the proper steps, it’ll leave a delicious taste for you. Here, we’ve also listed some frequent questions that people ask,

Do you need a coffee maker for ground coffee?

Ans: Actually, it depends on your preference. You can buy fresh beans from the market and grind it by the grinder and make the ground coffee in the electric water kettle.
 If you are used to following a complicated method and have a lot of time, you can manually make ground coffee. But if you are a coffee lover and have not enough time to follow a complex process, you can automatically make ground coffee using a coffee maker.

Do coffee makers boil water?

If you really want to use a coffee maker to boil water, it is better to use a stovetop coffee maker. Stovetop coffee makers help you to use a more efficient method to boil water than the typical coffee maker. But you should clean the coffee grind chamber properly when the water boils over the pot because it may leave a bad taste in the water.

Do different coffee makers make difference?

Different coffee makers will give your different types of taste despite being the same simple process because they are not all the same. There are many inferior quality coffee makers available in the market, which is not efficient enough to give you the real flavor of the coffee. There are different types of things you should notice to see the difference between coffee makers like the steady temperature of the brewing water, grinding options, ability to adjust grind size, etc.

Can I run dish soap through my coffee maker?

It is better not using any dish soap in your coffee maker because when you clean your coffee maker using dish soap, it may leave a film on the glass to give your coffee pot shinier or glow look. But the residue inside it may affect the flavor and taste of the coffee. You can use a magic eraser or cleanser to clean coffee residue inside it instead of using dish soap. But you can use the dish soap the outer part of the coffee maker.

Final Word

Making perfect espresso is an art because not everyone can make a perfect espresso. You need to follow some instructions step by step in order to make the best espresso with a coffee maker. One thing you need to make sure that that the coffee beans are fresh.

Hopefully, you have gained enough knowledge to make espresso with a coffee maker. You have already known that you can make espresso using cheaper tools that can give the real flavor and test of espresso without an espresso machine.

You can also make it using a drip coffee maker.  This method is mainly suitable if you have a small family or only you and your partner. But if you have a large family, you should buy an espresso machine to save your time and have a perfect espresso. Now, you know make espresso with a coffee maker and try this awesome method and enjoy drinking espresso.

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