How To Choose Coffee Maker – 9 Reason You Should Know

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Nothing can beat a cup of coffee when it comes to starting a day or rejuvenating after a long day at work. Starbucks alone makes over 4 billion cups of coffee each year, so you can imagine how captive a cup of coffee is! If you have a coffee maker, you will find making the coffee enjoyable to brew your morning beverage.

However, the dilemma comes into play when you will ask how to choose coffee maker? Well, the answer depends on so many things as there are many types and criteria to consider. A good coffee maker can ensure you’re getting a good brew from the machine and a nice cup of coffee. Stick to the article as I get you through the things you must look for while choosing a coffee maker for yourself.

how to choose coffee maker

Types Of Coffee Makers

If you’re planning to get a coffee machine, you’ll find so many types of coffee makers, both automatic and manual. Here are the most popular types of coffee makers that you can consider getting:

  1. Electric drip coffee maker: It’s the most popular type of coffee maker and common in American homes because of the ease of use and durability.
  2. Espresso machines: If you’re an espresso lover, consider getting one rather than a drip machine. Here is a coffee maker vs espresso machine comparison that’ll help you decide.
  3. Thermal coffee maker: They work similarly to the drip machines but brew the coffee into an insulated thermal carafe with this automatic machine.
  4. Percolators: They are popular for reliability at making flavorful coffee, and they offer a fun process of making coffee as well.
  5. Vacuum pot: The vacuum pot coffee makers are esthetic and a practical appliance to everyday use for making coffee.
  6. Manual French Press: They are super easy to use and clean, most of all, they don’t need electricity as you work with them manually.
  7. Manual Cold Brew: Another manual option of coffee making is to go with the cold brew makers with a consistent concentration to the coffee.

How To Choose Coffee Maker?

Choosing the right coffee maker shouldn’t be a big deal if you know what to look for. Here are the features that make a coffee maker worth buying and the things you should look for:

Type of coffee maker

The first thing to consider before choosing your coffee maker is to determine the type of machine you need. If you’re not an espresso guy and getting it for regular coffee, go for an electric drip coffee maker. But, if you love espresso, nothing but an espresso can fulfill your need, whether it’s an automatic one or a manual one.

Get the right quantity

The coffee-making capability is important to take into account before you opt-out for a machine. Determine how many cups of coffee you need throughout the day for your entire family or yourself. Go through the specifications of the machine and see if it can produce that many with a single refill.

Brew strength control feature

The brew strength of a coffee maker defines how strong the coffee would be at the end of brewing. If you have the strength control feature, you can also control the strength of the coffee you’ll get from it. However, make sure the machine has enough power to brew strong coffee in less time.

Automatic shut off features

Not every coffee graber would know for how long he should brew the coffee in the pot. This is why an automatic shut off feature can be an added benefit. If you’re getting a cold press machine or a regular drip coffee maker, it’s even more important to have this feature. You will be able to have your coffee as strong as you need with the preferable amount every time.

Built-in coffee grinder

If you love to grind your coffee beans yourself, consider having a built-in grinding feature with the coffee maker. It will help you grind the beans as fine as you want, which is important to make good coffee. Also, it defines your love for the coffee and how passionate you are for good raw coffee.

Water temperature setting

The water temperature has a big role in making a good coffee, so you have to have control over the water temperature. A very good coffee essentially requires semi boiled water at about 90° to 95° C. If you can get the best coffee maker with hot water dispenser and the temperature control setting, it will get you the best coffee ever.

Filter option

You have to use a water filter with your coffee machine, and that could be built-in with the machine or reusable dispenser. If you want to use third party filters, you must go for a machine that supports that. However, good coffee maker manufacturers make them proprietary filters so that the filtration stays in control.

Milk frothing option

If you’re getting an espresso machine, you should consider getting a built-in milk frothing feature in it. It will help you steam frothing and the milk before putting in the brewed coffee in the cup and get a perfect cappuccino.

Easy cleaning option

Keeping the coffee machine clean is one of the utmost important things for making good coffee all the time. Cleaning a complex machine like a coffee maker can be a tricky job unless it has a good cleaning option. Some coffee makers will offer a special cleaning feature where you can put in vinegar and water, then press a button to do automatic cleaning.

Benefits Of Coffee Makers

If you’re a passionate coffee drinker, having a coffee maker in your home can benefit you in several ways. Here are some of the main benefits of having a coffee maker of your own:

  • Instant coffee: You can make a cup of coffee within a few minutes if you have a coffee machine in your home.
  • Saves money: Coffee can be an expensive drink, you don’t have to pay a hectic price every day if you make a one-time investment on a coffee maker.
  • Healthy drink: Making your coffee with your own machine is the only way to make sure the coffee is 100% pure and safe from bacteria or mold.
  • Serving guests: When some guests come over, the best way to enjoy the moment with them is to share coffee with them, where a coffee machine can help.
  • Esthetics: A coffee machine on the counter can bring a better esthetic appearance to your kitchen and fulfills your kitchen as well.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about coffee makers that you may want to know as well:

Do coffee makers kill bacteria?

Yes, coffee makers produce high heat that can kill bacteria by boiling the water.

Do coffee makers boil water?

Yes, if you use a stovetop coffee maker, it will boil the water and make the coffee as well.

Does a coffee maker sterilize water?

Yes, as the water in a coffee maker comes through a very hot area, it can sterilize the water.

Final Thought

Making a good cup of coffee needs a perfect machine that can get the most out of the coffee powder. So, choosing the right coffee machine is as important as your passion for coffee in the first place. I hope, after going through the features and criteria above, now you know how to choose coffee maker. Making sure that you have the right features will ensure you have made a good investment in your morning beverage maker.

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