How Long Do Espresso Machines Last Of 2021?

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You can not expect a lifelong service from an espresso machine. While using the espresso machine, there is always a question from the customer, how long do espresso machine last? It’s because the machinery things are based on pure luck for sustaining a long time.

We can assume an espresso machine will give you service for a maximum of 10 years. But yes, you should definitely take the proper care of it. If you use the machine randomly without any care, you can’t expect to get lifetime service from the machine.

How Do Espresso Machines Work?

You will find so many people who love to drink a thick and concentrated coffee known as espresso around the world. But, most people have no idea how an espresso machine works. So here is a little try to give the idea of how an espresso machine works? Before knowing how long the espresso machine lasts, it will be better to know the mechanism. So, you will learn how to keep the machine long-lasting. 


The first thing you need is water, which directly comes from the water pump compartment. Nowadays, you will find the machine’s electric water pump that creates pressure and sends the water through the tube. After that, a boiler section will turn up the heat and maintain the consistency and pressure to deliver the right amount of warm water. The manufacturer company uses a double boiler pump to provide 93˚C to 100˚C hot water for coffee for better temperature. 

Then, a group head helps mix the water and compact coffee into the right amount. Though the group head’s basic configurations are the same, there are different group heads in different machines. A group head also includes a portafilter, which is basically a filter with the metal element and a switch for pressure with a channel to deliver the water. In this part, your coffee will mix, and then you will get a filtered coffee that will make your day.  

How Long Do Espresso Machines Last?

Normally an espresso machine can sustain for 6 to 10 years based on the use and material that a manufacturer provides. After spending thousands of dollars on the espresso machine, you will not get the expected life if you fail to maintain the machine. So here is some point that I would like to mention that can help you keep the espresso machine’s life for long.

Proper Cleaning

Every single electronic machine needs proper cleaning if you want to increase the lifeline. You might be thinking, why? The answer is simple; if you cannot keep the tools clean inside the machine, it will easily damage the parts.

In the coffee machine, there is a use of water and coffee beans. Also, for the filtration process, they use metal. So, if you are unable to clean it, then the machine will be attacked by the bacteria after a period of time. Also, the dust or coffee powder will clog the line from where the water comes. And this process will slowly damage the machine and decrease the lifeline.

Turn off the Switch

Turning off the switch of an espresso machine is necessary. You might be thinking; it’s just a switch; I can leave it on. But you are thinking wrong. Because when you leave the switch on, some of the parts will be ruined by the electricity. 

Also, continuous electricity flow can damage the tools inside the machine. So, please switch off the machine when it’s not necessary. This switching off mood will recharge the machine, and next time you will get better service. Also, your machine will last a while than any other machine.

Less Coffee in Tank

This may not directly diminish the life of an espresso machine. When the coffee is less in the tank, the tank will not run properly, and the blade of the pump will destroy the tank. If there is not available coffee in the tank. 

When the pump runs with less coffee powder, the productivity will be down day by day. As the whole process is linked to each other, it is definite that the machine will lose the lifeline power. Whereas an espresso machine can serve you for at least 10 years, it will stop giving you service after a few years due to less coffee.   

Wrong Grind

Choosing the wrong grind for your espresso machine can also reduce the machine’s life. As this is an electronic instrument, the proper adjustment will only help you get accurate service. You can’t just replace any tools or add anything into a machine.

So, adjusting the proper grinder for the espresso machine is necessary. Or else, you will not get the expected result, and day by day, your espresso machine will lose productivity. Also, the lifespan of the machine will be lessened than before. 

Frequently Asked Questions

After knowing the espresso machine’s lifetime, you must be curious about learning more about the espresso machine. So, here we pick up some random questions and deliver the answer. You might find it useful while using an espresso machine. 

Is it OK to leave the espresso machine on?

If your espresso machine is not used for a long time, then it will be ok to turn off the switch. Because when you leave the espresso machine on, the inside machine will be running, which will reduce the machine lifeline.  

Should I turn off my espresso machine at night? 

It will be better if you turn off the switch of an espresso machine at night. As you don’t need the machine usually at night. So, it will not only save your electricity but also the inside pump and other pieces of machinery will be cool, that will extend the life of the machine.

Are espresso machines hard to clean? 

Though an espresso machine is a high-end equipment and a little complex, that is why the cleaning process is not so easy. But, if you know the real process, and apply it carefully, then you can easily clean the espresso machines. 

Can you use regular ground coffee in an espresso machine? 

Yes, you can use the regular ground coffee in an espresso machine to make a cup of coffee. But the fact is, you will not get the espresso taste which is thick and concentrated. The actual taste of the espresso coffee will be missing, but you can get a cup of coffee.

Final Thought

Having a cup of coffee during work time will make your day. And if you have an espresso machine at your office, then you are lucky to start your day. But there is always a question that arises, that is how long do espresso machines last? 

You cannot expect lifelong service from an espresso machine, but based on the care or the way you will use, your machine will deliver 6-10 years of service. The life of an espresso machine also varies from brand to brand.

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