How Does An Espresso Machine Work 2020?

In the last two decades, the consumption of espresso has significantly increased. You might notice that an espresso cart or a coffee shop in every block of your city. While watching these espresso carts, there might be a question arising in your mind that how does an espresso machine work?

As human beings, it is quite natural to be curious about things and how they work. Don’t worry about that anymore! Here in this article, we are going to show you how your favorite machine works and why do you need it. 

Why do you need an espresso machine?

If you are a coffee lover then it is quite tough for you to leave your home without having a cup of coffee. In this case, you are not exceptional. It’s happened with most of the coffee fanatics. They can’t think about a day without having at least two to three cups of coffee.


From the day the espresso machine introduces itself, there’s a huge change that occurred in the culture of coffee-making. Stay with us to know, Why do you need an espresso machine?

Enjoy your morning Shot, quick

Those days are gone that you will wait in a line and spend your priceless time, just for having a premium-quality coffee. Now you can enjoy your morning coffee shot just sitting at your home with an espresso machine.

Explore the test of the coffee with a variety of taste

If you don’t have an espresso machine and are still making your coffee with a packet grounded coffee or a pod coffee-maker then you are limited into a circle. You can not enjoy a variety of tastes and flavors. On the other hand, with an espresso machine, you get the platform where you can enjoy a different craft of coffee that is available around the world.   

Save your money

When you take a cup of coffee from the outside, it approximately cost 4$ to 5$. In a year, for a single cup of coffee, you have to spend around 1500$. It is better to purchase your own coffee machine instead of spending this much money. 

Variety of Flavors

Our moods vary from time to time, in a different mood we may look for a different flavor coffee. If you have an espresso machine then you don’t have to worry about that! It doesn’t matter which flavors, you want to have an Americano latte,  mocha latte, cappuccino, or macchiato! 

How does espresso machine work?

It is estimated that more than a million people are making coffee on a daily basis with an espresso machine. Now the question is, how many of us know how this machine works. If you don’t have any idea how this machine works then follow this section carefully because in this section we are going to discuss, how does an espresso machine works?


It is a kind of jar or a pot that holds cold water for the espresso machine. The water used in your espresso coffee is primarily stored here then the pump of the espresso machine takes the necessary water from here.

A reservoir of an espresso machine is always in a position that whenever a user wants to remove it, they can easily do it. You don’t have to put too much pressure to remove it as it is not attached to the machine too hard. 

Pump ( rotary pump/vibration pump)

The pump installed in the espresso machine is used to draw the water from the reservoir tank and refill them into the heating chamber with very high pressure. Basically, an espresso machine comes with two types of pumps, Vibration pump & Rotary pump.

A vibration pump works with a piston that is almost similar to a diesel engine. On the other hand, the rotary pump is a little bit complex, it is fully mechanical. It uses electricity completely in a separate way than a vibration pump.

Heating chamber/Boilers

Generally, a heating chamber is made with stainless steel and it is designed with built-in heating elements. A coiled wire or the same element that uses an electric toaster is the type of element that is usually used in the heating chamber. When it is powered with electricity it gets hot.

For making espresso you need the water temperature at a perfect level and for this, in the heating chamber, there is a thermometer when the water reaches its desired temperature it stops heating. You will get three types of boiler in an espresso machine, single, double, and heat exchange. 


It is the removable part of the espresso machine that holds ground coffee on it. There is a very small removable screen on the basket and it is the place where ground coffee is stored. 

The size of the portafilter doesn’t vary too much rather than a few millimeters and the only difference that is visible is on the handle of the portafilter. To protect your hands from heat, most of the time the handle is covered with heat resistant material. 

Steam wand

The steam wand is linked with the heating vessel. It is used for heat & froth the milk to make the various espresso coffee. When you place the valve in the heating position, the steam wand produces stream heat from the heating vessel and it’s heated the milk. 

There is no espresso machine that doesn’t come with the Steam wand. The ideal temperature for a coffee is  85 to 95 degrees if the temperature is more than this will ruin the quality of the coffee. But for steam, you will need actual boiling water, and there comes the steam wand.

Control panel

To make the espresso machine simple and user friendly the control panel of the machine doesn’t include too much switch. It contains an on and off switch, a control valve, and two-indicators lights. 

One indicator light tells you if the machine is on or off and the other explains the temperature of the heating chamber. You may also find some switches to control the heating elements and the pump. 

Frequently asked questions

While looking for an espresso machine there might be a lot of questions that arise on your mind and here in this section, we have included some frequently asked questions and answers that people most of the asked about this machine. 

Are espresso machines eco-friendly?

It depends on the machine you purchase, there are a lot of eco-friendly espresso machines available in the market. If you do a little research, you will find an eco-friendly espresso machine. 

Can you make coffee with an espresso machine?

The answer is no unless you have a dual-purpose machine that makes coffee & espresso both. 

Do I need special coffee for an espresso machine?

Actually, with an espresso machine, you will get a variety of options to enjoy a different type of espresso coffee. Special coffee is not essential unless you have any preference. 

Final thought

After reading the whole article, now you know very well why you need an espresso machine and how does an espresso machine work? Though it might seem so simple because of step by step explanation, there are a lot more things that happen inside the machine. 

If you have already decided to have an espresso machine then you make the perfect decision for you. Having an espresso machine is really worth it! It saves your time, money, and keeps recharge your mind with the delicious coffee.

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