Can You Use Regular Coffee In An Espresso Machine 2021?

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The skill of making excellent coffee is not as complicated as many people think. Indeed, using an espresso machine for the first time is not simple; however, it becomes quite easy with time. A question that always comes up is, can you use regular coffee in an espresso machine? It can be done as long as your espresso machine is programmed to brew both regular coffee and espresso.

The energy that espressos bring is more than anything you could have imagined. There are days when you don’t feel like taking such a strong cup; you want to settle for a regular coffee cup. Your espresso machine may not be much of help if it is not designed to make regular coffee. When purchasing an espresso machine, you should opt for dual-purpose so that you don’t end up getting limited in the kind of coffee you wish to take.

What Can You Do With Your Espresso Machine?

An espresso machine can help you create the best cup of coffee. With an espresso machine, you can make a wide variety of drinks to suit your taste and preference. You can indulge in different kinds of rich espresso drinks anytime you get a craving.

Can You Use Regular Coffee In An Espresso Machine?

Here are some of the drinks you can make with your espresso machine:


You can make lattes with your espresso machine and straightforwardly. Many people love this creamy beverage, and it can be perfectly prepared with your espresso machine. You can make different lattes with your espresso machine, including homemade caramel latte, honey cinnamon latte, and Caffe lattes. Whatever latte drink you feel like taking, your espresso machine can work it out for you. An espresso machine makes your latte extra creamy making it one of the most enjoyable beverages.


When it comes to the best espresso drinks, cappuccinos take the lead. This is because cappuccinos are extremely loved espresso-based beverages making it a favorite to many. With an espresso machine, you can make your cappuccino without a hassle. What makes cappuccino stand out is it’s a balanced drink that comes inclusive of its exclusive components. Make a cappuccino cup by mixing equal parts of steamed milk, cream/milk foam, and espresso. You will enjoy one of the sweetest drinks beyond your wildest imagination.


Many times, Americano is mistaken with regular drip coffee hence creating a lot of confusion. However, both are entirely different drinks though there are some similarities noted when it comes to tasting. This is a simple drink to make with your espresso machine. Pour hot water directly into your shot of espresso, and you will have your tasty Americano.

Can You Use Regular Coffee In An Espresso Machine?

It is imperative to understand that you cannot make regular coffee in an espresso machine, not unless designed with a dual purpose. That answers the question, can you use regular coffee in an espresso machine? This can only be possible if you have a dual-purpose espresso machine.

This is how you can use regular coffee in a dual-purpose espresso machine;

You can use the cowboy method – You can use regular coffee in an espresso machine through the cowboy method. You pour water and regular coffee into an espresso machine and bring it to a boil. Once it boils to your desire, let the coffee sink to improve the quality of your coffee.

Coffee bag – This is similar to making your tea from tea bags. This is a process of making regular coffee by boiling water. Once your water is ready, place your coffee bag wholly saturated in a mug and pour it in your hot boiling water. Once the desired brew strength is achieved, you can take out the coffee bag.

How To Make Coffee In An Espresso Machine?

Making coffee in an espresso machine requires the right skills to get the proper precision. Any coffee lover will tell you that making coffee in an espresso machine is not for the faint-hearted. The best part is it is possible to acquire this skill, enabling you to make a good coffee cup in the comfort of your home.

Step by step guide to making coffee in an espresso machine: –

Step 1

Filling the reservoir – Your espresso machine comes with a clearly labeled reservoir. The lines will help you in ensuring accuracy for holding water. If your machine does not have an inbuilt filter, you can use filtered water.

Step 2

Turning on the machine – Once you have your water ready in the reservoir, turn on your espresso machine. After pressing the “on” button, give your espresso machine a few seconds to light up some of its series of lights. It is imperative to note that every machine comes with its way of showing its ready. Hence it is vital to study your espresso machine prior.

Step 3

Shot basket – Take the portable filter beneath the machine’s spout and fill the shot basket with the amount of coffee you want. You can either go for a single or double-shot basket.

Step 4

Filling coffee – At this stage, take the filter and fill it with coffee. You may use a spoon filled to the brim and put it in the filter.

Step 5

Using your tamper – Make use of a tamper to push down all your coffee grounds. This will compress all the coffee resulting in strong-tasting coffee.

Step 6

Locking the filter – This is where you have to use the portable filter head to push it beneath the machine’s spout. Other espresso machines will make you only twist the filter until you hear a clicking noise, which means the filter is correctly locked into the machine.

Step 7

Placing a cup – Get a cup and have it placed under the faucet. It should be a huge cup to accommodate your coffee.

Step 8

Shot button – Your coffee is now ready, and all you have to do is press the shot button to fill your cup with coffee. You can either do single or double shots because espresso machines accommodate both buttons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need special coffee for the espresso machine?

You need to have special coffee for the espresso machine to ensure that you brew fresh, tasty coffee.

Is espresso the same as coffee?

Espresso and coffee are the same things because espresso is a type of coffee.

Is espresso coffee stronger than regular coffee?

Espresso is stronger than regular coffee because it is brewed highly concentrated.

Final Thought

Espresso is a strong cup of caffeine cherished by many people worldwide. To make an excellent beverage drink using an espresso machine requires the right skills. The question is, can you use regular coffee in an espresso machine? From the article, it is only possible to make regular coffee in this machine if it is dual-purposed.

What is even better with an espresso machine is that you can do so much with it. You can enjoy various espresso drinks with an espresso coffee maker without worrying about regular coffee. Choose your preference and learn the art of making your most preferred drink. Why not get creative and fill your cravings with the right drink straight from your espresso machine.

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