Can You Make Tea In A Coffee Maker In 2020?

Have you ever imagined that you can make a cup of tea with a coffee maker? Not all the coffee maker has the same mechanism for making tea. But, some of the coffee machines offer this facility. 

You can directly use the mixer on the tank to have a cup of tea or can add other ingredients like iced tea, tea bag, milk to get your desire tea on a coffee maker. This article will give you the answer to can you make tea in a coffee maker? Follow the points below to learn more. 

Can you make tea in a coffee maker?

If you are asking me, is it possible to make a cup of tea in a coffee maker, then the answer is yes. But here are some necessary steps you need to follow to get the tea from a coffee maker. By following these steps, you will easily make tea in a coffee maker. Not only that, but you can also make several types of tea through the maker.


Cleaning Process

Before starting to make tea in a coffee maker, it will be a great idea, if you clean the compartment where you need to put the tea bags or the ingredients. Because you will not get the real taste of the tea if there is no perfect combination of the mixture.

Some of the coffee machines provide two sperate compartments for tea and coffee. But still, it will be a wise idea to clean it before making a cup of tea. Because the tank may be different but the pipeline that served the tea is the same.


Placing the right amount of tea bags and water or the mixture of milk, sugar, and tea leaf on the tank is another important step for making a cup of tea. For each cup of tea, we need 1 tea bag, if we want to add milk and sugar from outside. 

But, if you want the whole cup of tea from the machine, then you need to pour the water in the tank and keep the tea bag or the mixture on another tank. Then, start the machine and the maker will mix both ingredients and give you an awesome tea. Make sure you put the right amount of water on the tank.

Right Ingredients

You must be wondering what kind of right ingredients you need to make a cup of tea. This point comes up because there are many types of tea and people may want different tastes in a cup of tea. For example, if you just want green tea, then you only need a cup of hot water and one tea bag in your cup.

Again, if you prefer iced tea, then you need to use the cold water and adjust the temperature inside the machine so that it can stop making hot water. For iced tea, you can also add ice inside the machine. For, a normal cup of tea, you will find mixed powder-like coffee mates. Then, you just need to pour the powder and mix the water and your cup of tea is ready. 


Though the coffee maker is adjusted from the store, still, you need to check out some initial adjustments before making the tea. Here adjustments mean, mechanism of the tools that you need to correct or check before making tea on a coffee machine.

Checking the water pump, valve, boiler point, steam wand, etc. is necessary before making tea. If the adjustment is not ok, or your boil pump is not working properly then you will not be able to get the proper taste of the tea. 

Is Making Tea in a Coffee Maker a Bad Idea?

Making tea in a coffee maker is not a bad idea when the maker has the option to deliver tea. Some of the coffee machines like an espresso machine can not help you to make tea. Making a cup of tea is very sensitive, where making coffee is very easy. Whenever we prefer coffee, we want that the coffee should be strong. And that is why the adjustment is a little bit different. 

But your tea needs proper time and several minutes to make. Or else, it will not give you the same taste that you want. Besides, a coffee machine provides a minimum temperature that is ok for the coffee. But, if you use this temperature for making tea, either the taste will be sour, or bitter. This is the reason, you can’t use all the coffee machines to make tea.

How to make sweet tea in a coffee maker?

As we already know that there are various kinds of tea like black, white, iced, brew, green tea, etc. that can be easily made through the coffee maker. If you want to avoid sugar or add sugar to tea, you can also do it by controlling the mechanism.

If you want to make sweet tea with your coffee maker, here is a simple technique you can apply. While your tea is brewing on the teapots, you can add the sugar. Depending on your taste you can adjust the amounts.  After some time, your sweet tea is ready for the coffee maker. That’s how you can make a sweet tea on the coffee maker. 

Frequently asked questions

How many tea bags do you use in a coffee maker?

Normally, for one cup of hot water, we use only one teabag. But, when it comes to using tea bags on a coffee maker, then you have to count the total amount of water. And then you can put the tea bags on the filter basket.

Can you make iced tea in a coffee maker?

Yes, you can easily make the iced tea in a coffee maker. For that, you have to fill the maker with 12 cups of cold water and then replace the coffee powder with some tea bags. Make sure you cut off the tags and then add lots of ice into the tea.    

Can I put tea bags in a coffee maker?

Yes, you can easily out tea bags on the coffee maker, where the filter is placed. Simply remove the filter, put the teabag, and go back to the compartment to make a cup of coffee.

Can you use a coffee maker to boil water?

Some of the coffee makers have a stovetop that helps to heat or boil the water on the maker. So, yes if your coffee maker has this option then you can boil the water.

Final thought

Can you make a cup of tea with a coffee maker? is a simple question, but most of the people get confused, how is that even possible? But, with some simple techniques, you can easily make a cup of tea with a coffee maker.

You can add cold water or ice with some tea bags and make an awesome iced tea.  Also, different types of coffee machines have different methods for making coffee and also tea. By adjusting the water and temperature and putting tea bags on the tanker you can easily make tea with a coffee maker.

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