Can Espresso Machine Make Coffee? Detailed Discussion in 2021

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We love drinking coffee during office time or in the morning. When it comes to choosing the coffee, most people prefer regular coffee over espresso. Now the question is, can Espresso machine make coffee?

In general, the answer is No. You can not make a cup of regular coffee with an espresso machine. But here is a simple fact, if the machine has dual purposes, you can get a cup of regular coffee and the espresso coffee both in the same machine. Let’s see how you will be able to get two types of coffee in a machine.

Can Espresso Machine Make Coffee?

Some people avoid espresso coffee because of strong action. Whenever they saw an espresso machine, a simple is asked by them. Can espresso machine make coffee? The answer to this question is no and, in a way, yes. No, because an espresso machine can not directly serve the regular coffee to the customer. 


Yes, because if your coffee machine has a dual-purpose system, then you can make a cup of regular coffee with an espresso machine.  The total making process of regular coffee and espresso is completely different. To make espresso coffee, your machine needs to create pressure on the hot water with coffee grinds through compacted.

But to make a regular coffee cup, you mix the coffee powder on the machine and then press the button to get a cup of hot coffee with regular taste.  If you have a commercial espresso machine small coffee shop, you must add the dual-purpose system to the machine. Because in your shop you will find so many customers.

In the end, we can say that an espresso machine is totally different from a regular coffee. For espresso machines, you need boiling water with pressure with ground beans. But, for a regular cup of coffee, you don’t need high pressure. Also, ingredients are totally different from each other.

Both of the coffee are different in nature and flavor. Also, the dosage of caffeine is different from each other. This is why you need different types of machines for different coffee. But that machine has dual purpose can deliver both espresso and regular coffee.

What Kind Of Coffee Do You Use In An Espresso Machine?

If you are buying an espresso machine, you should know which coffee beans are the best and which one you can use to make espresso coffee. At first, you need to select which roaster you prefer. If you don’t want to drink dark coffee, then go for the medium roaster. It will release you from the bitter taste of the coffee. Now come to the types that you need for espresso coffee.

In general, if you choose French, dark, or espresso roast, you will get the actual test of espresso with the same consistency from the machine. There are also Ethiopian, Indonesian.

And Colombian coffee roast that you can use on the espresso machine. By using those coffee seeds, you can easily get different coffee tastes through an espresso machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some random question you may find interesting to read the answer about the espresso machine.

Do I need special coffee for an espresso machine?

You don’t need to use a special coffee to get a cup of coffee from the espresso machine. But it will be best if you use dark, French, or the espresso roast on the mixture. You will get an awesome taste with consistency through an espresso machine.

How often should I clean my espresso machine?

If you use an espresso machine every day, then it will be good to clean the espresso machine once a month.  

How long do espresso machines last?

Normally an espresso machine provides services from 5 to 20 years. But this lifespan varies from brand to brand. Also, you will find different types of espresso machines that sustain on different time periods. 

Final Thought

If you want to take strong caffeine during office time, then a cup of espresso coffee is perfect for you. But not all people can absorb the same level of caffeine. That is why people always search for the answer can espresso machine make coffee? You will get the available info here. 

Normally espresso coffee is made by creating pressure on hot water with roster bean. This article also added the coffee beans list that an espresso machine could use. I think now you will easily find out which one is the best and how you can set it up or use for both regular and espresso coffee.

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