The 5 Best Krups Coffee Maker Reviews (Updated 2021)

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Krups is a well-established and famous name in the brewing system industry. The German technology entered in manufacturing Krups coffee makers in 1846 and has continued its excellence to provide high-quality coffee for you. It is a century-old brewing system on which coffee-lovers trust mostly for receiving their perfect coffee in the morning. 

They always try to fulfill their customers’ passion, precision, and perfection. So, the best Krups coffee maker can eliminate your going outside for a cup of coffee on the way to your destination. It ensures your preferred flavor and types of coffee you love. The article will take you by choosing the best one to help you meet your need for coffee.

How To Work As A Krups Coffee Maker? 

The work process of a Krups coffee maker should not be rocket science. It may be a difficult thing for understanding, especially if you are a beginner. Yes, like other coffee makers out there in the market, these coffee makers also brew your coffee to provide you a fresh morning start. 

Best Krups Coffee Maker

A Krups coffee maker will enable you to customize the settings to achieve your desired flavor and intensity. The variable temperature setting and the machine’s button help you brew your coffee according to your needs. The coffee maker’s easy-to-read display allows you to see exactly what is going on inside the machine.

Table of content:

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Comparison Chart:

We have extracted some essential data of the Krups coffee makers that we have selected. Therefore, we have made a comparison chart to push yourself the right to make a purchase decision. It will save both your time and effort because you don’t need to spend time researching them.





The 5 Best Krups Coffee Maker Reviews (Updated 2021) 1

KRUPS KM4689 Moka Brewer Coffee Maker Machine

The 5 Best Krups Coffee Maker Reviews (Updated 2021) 2

KRUPS XP3208 15-BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker

The 5 Best Krups Coffee Maker Reviews (Updated 2021) 3

KRUPS KM550D50 Personal Café Grind Drip Maker

The 5 Best Krups Coffee Maker Reviews (Updated 2021) 4

KRUPS EC314 Programmable Digital Coffee Maker

The 5 Best Krups Coffee Maker Reviews (Updated 2021) 5

KRUPS Simply Brew Compact Filter Drip Coffee Maker

5 Best Krups Coffee Maker Reviews 2021

Based on our experience, research, data collected from real users worldwide, we have come up with the best 5 Best Krups Coffee Maker reviews here. It will help you finalize your buying decision, and you don’t have to repent for that. We always try to think and review standing on your side so that you can keep safe.

1. KRUPS KM4689 Moka Brewer Coffee Maker Machine

KRUPS KM4689 Moka Brewer Coffee Maker Machine with Permanent Filter and Glass Carafe, 10-Cup, Black

Your desired most decadent flavor is only attainable with the Krups KM4689 coffee machine. It provides you full-bodied coffee due to its brew steam extraction system. Krups Moka brewer coffee maker can make most of your favorite coffee that you can drink in the morning without going to any carafe near you spending your valuable time.

The coffee maker allows you to brew and make your coffee at 187 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, you can get an incomparable Moka taste according to your desired setting of temperature. It allows you to get the perfect warm coffee that can boost your energy at a time.

It should also be a great addition to your home to serve coffee for your entire family because the large carafe can hold up to 10 cups of coffee. Also, the carafe’s latch comes with the machine to provide you better comfort while holding it. The stainless steel construction of the device makes it sturdier and long-lasting.

KRUPS KM4689 Moka Features:

  • The full-bodied and most decadent flavor of your coffee is only possible with this coffee maker.
  • The 187 degrees Fahrenheit temperature of the machine benefits you to get your coffee at your desired temperature.
  • It is ideal for a large family and party to provide you with 10-cup coffee at a time.
  • It comes with a permanent filter that stops you from buying further filters months after months.
  • The stainless steel of the coffee machine does not allow to develop any stain and keeps sturdier.

2. KRUPS XP3208 15-BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker

KRUPS XP3208 15-BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker, 1.5-Liter, Black

What if you are in search of a Krups coffee espresso cappuccino maker? Well, then it should be an excellent search for you because it must come to an end at KRUPS XP3208 coffee maker. In Krups coffee maker’s vast market, it stands alone due to its features, brewing capability, and more. It eliminates the bitterness of your favorite coffee as it has 15 bar pump espresso.

Not only that, due to the bar, but it also provides you with improved flavor extraction. So, it comes with its manual selection that allows you to control the entire process to get your desired final result.

If you like to have creamy cappuccinos, don’t worry because the coffee maker’s steam nozzle does the same thing for you. The water reservoir is comfortable to clean and filling because of its removable feature. When you want a hot cup of coffee, you can get it by its cup warmer feature on its top.

KRUPS XP3208 15 Features:

  • The manual selection of the coffee maker enables you to control the making process of your favorite coffee.
  • It comes with 15 bar pump espresso that enhances flavor and eliminates bitterness.
  • The steam nozzle of the Krups coffee maker allows you to get creamy and splendid coffee.
  • The removable water tank benefits you to fill and clean comfortably.
  • The cup warmer feature of the machine helps you get a hot coffee cup when you need it.

3. KRUPS KM550D50 Personal Café Grind Drip Maker Coffee Grinder

KRUPS KM550D50 Personal Café Grind Drip Maker Coffee Grinder, 4 cups, Silver

Coffee-lovers all across the globe sometimes search for Krups 4 cup coffee maker and end in dismay. For those, KRUPS KM550D50 should be the best addition to their kitchen for improving their coffee consuming experience. However, the coffee maker’s grinding capability is up to the mark and provide you with a delicious aroma. 

You can brew your whole bean for a fast coffee making facility, or you can make pre-ground coffee with the brewing machine. It does actually what you need according to your spending. It is one of the best prices on Krups coffee maker out there in the present market.

You can either attain a coarse or fine grind with the Krups coffee maker due to its powerful stainless steel burr grinder. It grinds your coffee beans without leaving any grit on it. Whether it is oily or your desired beans, it can comfortably grind them as per your demand. Cleaning is easier after disassembling all the parts of the coffee maker. 

KRUPS KM550D50 Features:

  • The stainless steel permanent filter removes the necessity of purchasing frequently.
  • It comes with a watermark indicator that benefits you to measure accurately.
  • It is dishwasher safe, so the cleaning process is easy and fast. 
  • Its powerful stainless steel grinder delivers you fast and fair grinding of your desired coffee beans.
  • 2 settings of the grinder allow you to grind your coffee beans in both coarse and fine.

4. KRUPS EC314 Programmable Digital Coffee Maker, 12-Cup, Silver

KRUPS EC314 Programmable Digital Coffee Maker, 12-Cup, Silver

If you want your Krups coffee maker to automatically do most things, you should discover KRUPS EC314 as the best programmable coffee maker. It arrives in the market to meet the needs of a large family. Yes, it can brew enough coffee for your family and guests. With the Krups coffee machine, you can effortlessly make 12 cups of coffee within a few minutes.

Make your weekdays more fun with the KRUPS EC314 because its dual program settings help you differentiate between weekdays and weekends. The adjustable brewing strength of the machine enables you to get a fuller-bodied taste or maximum flavor.

The Krups coffee machine’s extraction temperature comes at 180 degrees Fahrenheit, which can provide you your desired warm coffee at any time. The keep-warm mode function and brew-pause mode make you efficient while making a cup of coffee for you in the morning. You will find a glass carafe for better longevity and aesthetic feeling and a gold-tone filter for better filtration.

KRUPS EC314 Programmable Features:

  • The intuiting rotating knob of the coffee maker benefits you to use its 12-cup programmable coffee.
  • You can separate the coffee’s taste in the Krups coffee maker using its dual program settings- weekday and weekend.
  • The adjustable brew strength provides you with fuller-bodied taste and maximum flavor.
  • The glass carafe of the machine is easy to clean and adds an aesthetic touch to your kitchen.
  • At 180 degrees Fahrenheit, you can extract your coffee according to your needs.

5. KRUPS Simply Brew Compact Filter Drip Coffee Maker

KRUPS Simply Brew Compact Filter Drip Coffee Maker, 5-Cup, Silver As the name suggests, KRUPS Simply Brew comes with many features to prove that it is one of the best-rated Krups coffee makers in the market. It is perfect for a small family having 3 to 4 members because the coffee maker can provide you up to 5 cups of coffee at a time. It would be best if you did not wait until you are done. While the brewing process is going on, you can pour a cup of hot coffee for you without making it cold.

It is a mess-ups-fee Krups coffee maker that is simple and easy to go for anybody, whether you are a pro or beginner. The coffee pot of the maker does not allow a drip spout to control the mess. The premium stainless steel finish of the machine beautifies it and improves its longevity and durability.

Accessories that come with the Krups coffee machine are dishwasher safe. Also, the glass carafe allows you to clean it manually, making it shinier. But you have to make sure that you are putting them in the first rack or top rack of the dishwasher machine for safety purposes.

KRUPS Simply Brew Features:

  • The coffee maker keeps coffee warm even after pouring a cup of coffee at the time of brewing the coffee beans.
  • The premium stainless steel construction of the maker ensures its longevity and sturdiness.
  • It is easy, and straightforward to use due to having the on/off button, and the water tank makes it more convenient.
  • You don’t need to purchase anything separately because it comes with a glass carafe, filter, coffee spoon for your ease of use.
  • Being dishwasher safe, you can clean them by disassembling their parts comfortably and quickly.

How to Clean Krups coffee maker?

If you desire to get a fresh cup of coffee from your Krups coffee maker, you should ensure proper maintenance and care. Otherwise, day after day, it will not keep its natural condition and may deliver you bitter or something close to it coffee that might not be a good start to your day.

In this article, we share the same steps we follow in cleaning our Krups coffee maker. The process is not so hard to follow, but you need to do things accordingly to get the best result out of it. Before you start, we strongly recommend you to arrange everything you need near your hands so that you don’t have to stop and find them.

Step one

The first step of your Krups coffee maker’s cleaning process will tell you to arrange the necessary things at hand. These things might not be costly, and you can get them quickly from a shop near you. These essential items include water, white vinegar, rag, and bleach.

Step two

As you have arranged all these essential things, it should be time to start our cleaning process. The process of cleaning should be started with cleaning the basket and pot of the Krups coffee maker. Removing the coffee grounds from the Krups coffee maker should be the starting point of the journey. 

Now start brewing, not coffee, water to tell the machine it is going to be cleaned. You have to add white vinegar and cold, filtered water according to the demand. Allow it to brew a full pot. After fifteen minutes, you should turn it off and release them.

Step three

You need to soak the filter basket with bleach and cold water and keep it as it is for ten seconds. It will help kill all the bacteria and potentially harmful mold on it. Finally, you have to run another round of water through the machine to make it cleaner.

Step four

This is the last but not least step to follow. In this step, you have to remove all the parts one by one to wipe them out. Make sure there is no water or liquid left after wiping them out properly. Wipe them slowly and keep an eye on the outside, inside the warmer, and brew basket.

Frequently Asked Question

Frequently asked questions help increase your knowledge of the topic and pick the right Krups, coffee maker. So, read on!

Is Krups a good brand?

The name Krups has been in the brewing system industry for a century. It provides you with the best coffee according to your taste, flavor, and desired intensity. So, it should be a good brand in the coffee industry.

Is Krups a good coffee maker?

Krups coffee maker allows you to brew a coffee cup and helps to start afresh and energetic day. Its customizable features benefit its users to control the brewing process and get the best result.

Is Krups made in China?

Most of the Krups coffee makers that are found in the market are made in China. But some models are not from here. These coffee makers are Krups EA9010, EA8808, EA8298, and EA8250.

Where are Krups coffee machines made?

The technology of the Krups coffee maker comes from German and still on the market to compete with others. These coffee machines tend to produce in China expect some models that are not from China.

Are Krups and Delonghi the same?

Though Krups and Delonghi’s names are different, there is almost no difference in their functions and quality. But there is some difference in their design and some parts, including button positions.

Final Thought

If you are a coffee-lover, you must require a Krups coffee maker based on your choice, build, quality, brewing capability, functionality, and more. Otherwise, you might not be able to purchase the best Krups coffee maker. But it should be easier for you if you follow us because all of them are tested before placing them in our comparison chart.

However, you can buy a KRUPS KM4689 that is capable of meeting all your needs. It provides you full-bodied and the most decadent flavor, brew at 187 degrees Fahrenheit, and supplies 10 cups of coffee. It is a fun time for your entire family and guests with it.

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